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Issue 384 - 7 November 2013

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Qld moves to change WHS laws
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Canberra Breakfast Forum: Contractor Management - Who’s Responsible?
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Canberra Breakfast Forum:
Contractor Management - Who’s Responsible?

The NSCA held its fifth successful 2013 Breakfast Forum in Canberra on Wednesday 16 October.

Canberra business operators and workers received direct advice and practical solutions from the expert panel of speakers from WorkSafe ACT, Sparke Helmore Lawyers and NSCA risk management expert.

The interactive forum style event clarified legislative requirements, legal advice and discussion on solutions to contractor management challenges across a varied range of industries.

Key questions and topics included:

  • The difference between monitoring and supervising contractors
  • Health and safety management systems for workers and contractors in remote areas
  • PCBU responsibilities in body corporate / strata group arrangements
  • Key areas of the legislation to watch out for
  • Defining what reasonably practicable looks like
  • Major shifts and trends in relevant case law decisions and appeals

Meet the Panel


Mark McCabe,
ACT Work Safety Commissioner and Head of WorkSafe ACT


Paul Cutrone,
National Head of Safety Law – Workplace at Sparke Helmore Lawyers


Ennio Bianchi,
Principal – Risk Management at NSCA


Jasmine Doak,
Director at NSCA

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