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Issue 384 - 7 November 2013

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Qld moves to change WHS laws

Proposed changes to the recently introduced WHS laws in Queensland have led to the expiry date of the transitional arrangements being extended.

Earlier this year the Queensland Government launched a review of the new WHS laws and sought feedback from businesses.

The review found support for the laws but also the need for change, including the removal of audiometric testing for workers and the “streamlining [of] some asbestos-related requirements”.

Details about the changes have yet to be released. However, the government says they are significant and amendments will need to go before the national Select Council of Workplace Relations before they are implemented.

As these changes won’t be made until after 31 December, the expiry date of the transitional arrangements will be extended for another year – until December 2014.

The government says detail on the changes won’t be available until they are approved.

For more details, Work Health and Safety Queensland

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