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Issue 382 - 10 October 2013

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Half of female doctors harassed
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Half of female doctors harassed

More than 50 per cent of female doctors have experienced sexual harassment by a patient, according to survey results recently published in the Medical Journal of Australia.

Researchers Peter Bratuskins, Heather McGarry and Stephen Wilkinson surveyed 180 female Australian GPs in 2010.

More than 60 per cent of the GPs reported being asked to perform inappropriate examinations and more than 50 per cent experienced inappropriate exposure of body parts.

Other incidents included a range of behaviours, such as sexual remarks and touching or grabbing.

The researchers also reported in the MJA that workplace safety training should cover sexual harassment by patients, and policies should be implemented to support GPs.

Bratuskins, from the Department of General Practice at Monash University, told ABC News: “Most practices have their own practice manuals and protocols and I think it would be useful to make it clear to doctors working in a practice that this is something that may happen. And if it does happen it is something that should be reported, that the doctor will be supported [through] and offered help, that the patient can be excluded from the practice as well.”

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