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Issue 381 - 26 September 2013

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$100,000 fine for head injuries

A company and its director have been fined a total of $100,000 after a 19-year-old independent contractor sustained serious neck and head injuries in a fall.

Mallon Company Pty Ltd was engaged to replace a roof in August 2010, WorkSafe Western Australia said in a media release.

Mallon subcontracted the re-roofing to Debri Pty Ltd, and subcontracted the lifting of the old roof and the landing of the new roof to Terry’s Crane Hire.

Terry’s Crane Hire engaged a 19-year-old independent contractor to carry out the dogging work.

The worked started in September 2010.

Debri’s employees warned the dogger to be aware of rusty sheets and damaged polycarbonate sheeting on the roof.

However, when the dogger was on the roof removing slings from a pack of metal sheets, he inadvertently stood on the end of the damaged polycarbonate sheeting and fell on to the cement floor 3.3 metres below.

He sustained serious head and neck injuries.

At the time of the incident, no safety mesh was installed in that part of the building, WorkSafe said.

Mallon and its director were prosecuted for the incident and pleaded guilty in the Perth Magistrates last week.

The court found that they had failed to work with Debri and Terry’s Crane Hire to ensure the risks of falling were managed, said WorkSafe.

Mallon was fined $70,000 and its director Michael Moore was fined $30,000.

Terry’s Crane Hire and its director were prosecuted in June and fined $71,000.

Debri is still to be prosecuted.

For more details, visit WorkSafe

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