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Issue 381 - 26 September 2013

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Hundreds more cases of mesothelioma
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Hobart Breakfast Forum, 30 October
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Hundreds more cases of mesothelioma

Over 600 newly diagnosed mesothelioma cases have been notified for 2012, says the latest data.

The numbers were published earlier this week in the Australian Mesothelioma Registry’s (AMR) second annual report.

As at 30 June, the AMR had received 619 notifications of people being newly diagnosed with mesothelioma in 2012.

Of these people, 511 were men and 108 were women, and 79.6 per cent were over the age of 65 at the time of the diagnosis.

This is fewer than the 639 new diagnoses notified in 2011, which included the 612 recorded in the first annual report and an additional 27 that were notified after the annual report was published.

However, like the previous year, it is likely that notifications for 2012 will continue to come in even though the report has been published, the AMR says.

For more details, visit the mesothelioma report


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